Our Top Tips for Creating the Perfect Bedroom!

Our Top Tips for Creating the Perfect Bedroom!

  • December 10, 2018
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Here are our top tips for furnishing and styling your perfect bedroom

Layering is key

Want that perfect, hotel room look for your bed? They layering your linens is key to getting a beautiful bed. Keep your bed linens simple and layer with some bright cushions, coordinating throws and runners. Not only will your room get a glamorous upgrade, but you’ll be extra cosy on those cold winter nights.

Get the lighting right

Different lighting will create different moods, so make sure you get it right. Bedside lamps are a must and keep the wattage low. If you have a dressing table, make sure it has it's own light source so you won't end up with a streaky makeup disaster. 


Don’t go overboard on the artwork. One key piece is plenty. Don’t clutter the place. Pick a colour palette that you’re comfortable with. Whether you gravitate to warm colours or dark colours, choose a paint palette that give you a sense of calm.

A floral touch

Maybe controversial, but flowers in a bedroom instantly add some “loveliness” to your room. Less is more, any fresh flowers will do.

Store it!

Be creative with your storage. Like most of us, you probably need all the storage you can get in your bedroom. Try adding a blanket box or chest to the end of your bed, or an under-bed trundle.

"Mirror, mirror"

A mirror will add a touch of magic to your bedroom, and the bigger the better. Not only will it make the space seem bigger, but it will add light and give you somewhere to do a quick outfit check. 

Don't forget

A statement bedframe can really give your room some glamour. 

A comfortable floor is a must to save you stepping out of bed onto a cold floor each morning. If you don’t want to go for carpet, get a nice plush rug. You’re worth it!

Try to keep your bedroom a technology free zone. This might be tricky for some, but you’ll be assured of a better night sleep if you leave the phones at the door.

Last but not least, you need a great mattress. If you’re not getting a good night’s sleep, you certainly won’t appreciate your beautiful bedroom.